A sense of place and belonging resonates from the music of Ruby Oland. An intriguing voice, akin to Patsy Cline or Angel Olsen, snares tidbits of fleeting existence- a trapped moth, sparks from a fire, roadside sunflowers.

Oland has been recording and releasing music independently for nearly ten years, with two EP’s and two LP’s under her belt. Born in Utah, she has been bouncing between Portland and Northern New Mexico. Crafting odes to the rivers, deserts, and mountains of The West; to all of the enchantments that occur within its liminal spaces.

Although her earlier releases were folksier, think Mountain Man or Adrianne Lenker, her latest work has fermented into a sweet twang, a honeyed country glaze, aligning her in a more “y’allternative” lane.

Her 2019 EP Wolf Spider was recorded and produced by Ryan Oxford (Y La Bamba, Rose City Band). Later, her two full length albums, Born in the West & Perfectly Colored Moth, were recorded and produced by Jack Omens (Wicked Shallows, Beggars Canyon) and released in 2021 and 2023.

One might hear influences of Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams or Conor Oberst in her creations. Ruby Oland’s lyrics are apt to sweep down the canyon, jump into the cold river, circle around the campfire, all before returning to the familiarity of your own childhood backyard.